Shopping online this holiday season?

People make purchases at fake webshops more often during the Christmas shopping period, trying to find better deals.

Keeping the .nz space safe, secure and trusted are Domain Name Commission’s top priorities, and dealing with fake webshops is part of the Domain Name Commission’s daily routine.

We work closely with the InternetNZ research team in order to identify and disable fake webshops. We even use machine learning to predict whether a domain name is likely to be associated with a fake webshop.

We even built a fake webshop so you can learn how to spot some signs of a dodgy e-store and shop safe online.

Meet your helpers –

Can you spot our little gingerbread helpers on the fake shop page? Click on a cookie or a cat icon to learn why that particular part of the website might be an indication of a fake webshop.

We also put together a #ShopSafeNZ tips page, where you can find a list of signs that an online store might not be reliable.

Report a fake webshop to DNC

Had your own bad experience with dodgy online shops and have something to add to our list of warning signs? Contact us and we’ll investigate it.

We might forward your report to CERT NZ, Netsafe or NZ Police if they are a better agency to work on it.

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